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Preparing for public exams

November isn't June but I find it amazing that time at school between half term in October and Easter seems a matter of a few short weeks and not the months it looked at the beginning of the year. If you are lucky you are in Year 10 or Year 12 and are looking at a tutorial website as you are well prepared - but I suspect it is because the reality of upcoming exams has hit and you realise how important the next few months are.

In the army they say "perfect planning prevents piss poor performance" and teachers often say "failing to prepare is preparing to fail" - well at least you have started now by looking here and I would add a more important saying "Its never too late to start preparing".

  • Whatever method you use make plans and stick to them.
  • If you do use our services (or another tutor) then make good use of them.

Obviously we would say this but a good tutor gives you a real advantage in public examinations - but a personal commitment from the student it is still not enough. We spend a lot of time on study skills but the key study skill is mental preparation - setting goals and then sticking to them.

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