Our Pricing

Our pricing reflects our proven ability to deliver increased performance in examinations.

Prices are for sessions in your home. Session prices includes our preparation time (a minimum of 1 hour's preparation for each session plus additional time to provide online materials and responses through our online learning portal for registered students).

Our rates are different for GCSE and A level for two reasons: Firstly preparation per session at A level is requires more time and resources than for GCSE. Secondly, we provide 60 minute sessions for GCSE but 90 minute sessions for advanced level work.

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We prefer a commitment from our students/parents in the form of block bookings in multiples of 10 sessions, or even a whole year booking. These block bookings lets us commit time and resources to design and create learning materials to exactly match your needs. As an encouragement towards block bookings we provide a significant discount between single bookings and block bookings.


Payments for individual sessions are needed at the end of that session. Payments for blocks of sessions are required in advance. Payment can be cash, bank transfer, personal cheque (or by paypal if you have an account).

All documentation including syllabus specifications, schemes of work, practice exam papers and learning materials are provided free of charge as needed. Students need to supply their own punched A4 paper (lined or plain as wished) to write on.

No matter where you live, If we agree to provide tutorials to you there is no surcharge for transport to or from your home.


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