Covid19 update

The effect of the virus on our children's education has been severe and will last much longer than the virus. Students who had to suffer the exam fiasco had no exams and unclear grades but those in lower years will in fact suffer more. These younger students have missed almost a half a school year and have not just missed being taught new material but have forgotten much of what they did cover in the first half of that year AND gotten out of the habit of studying.

Exam boards are reducing the number of topics for next year's exams (assuming no second spike) but that will not undo the problems faced by the young people.

The demand for our tutorial services boomed during the pandemic lockdown for a number of reasons. Some students and their parents were worried they were missing the constant demands and habits of learning, others were worried that the work set by schools was almost completely missing or just "set work" (ie extended homework). Another group wanted to take advantage of the lockdown to improve their abilities and skills.

As might be expected we moved to an online-only model using Zoom, Google Classroom, Khan's academy and Youtube. This move has been very successful and in most cases students say they prefer it to face to face (in their home which is where we normally delivered sessions). There are one or two areas that are better face to face but they can be sorted. 

So for this year at least (Sept-20 to June-21), we will be delivering all sessions on zoom. Initially as an experiment! Prices will be lowered to reflect the lack of travel costs and those new costs are reflected on the pricing page.

Demand is expected to be high, we already have 70% uptake but there is a bit more flexibility with online.  

Subjects and levels we will tutor are almost the same as previous years but there are some additions.


National curriculum KS3


General Certificate of Secondary Education (GCSE) - all boards, both tiers

  • Biology 9-1
  • Physics 9-1
  • Chemistry 9-1
  • Science (combined)
  • Mathematics 9-1 


GCE Advanced Level ( A level) - all boards

  • Biology
  • Chemistry
  • Physics
  • Mathematics

Do contact us as soon as you can to reserve places.


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