Need special help?

Real life is complex. Things go wrong that need urgent fixing and yet schools have their own realities when your child is only one of 20 (or 30). 

Whatever the reason we have the time, expertise and experience that allows us to work with you to identify how to address your need and then develop a course of material that meets those needs.

  • The range of possibilities is endless:
  • catching up after moving school
  • dealing with a bad relationship with a teacher
  • working on a special interest/hobby
  • dealing with a long term illness

We have supported students in all these situations and the key components of home tutoring can help. We provide time, an environment the student finds comfortable (home) and expertise. We have decades of experience of dealing with all of the situations described (and many more). We would welcome the opportunity to talk to you about any aims you might have. We are flexible in number of sessions (from only a few sessions to 1 every day or even online support) and we can build whole new courses. 

We have particular experience and expertise in helping students in mainstream school with specific learning difficulties and in recent years have developed support for students with dyslexia and ADHD spectrum issues.

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