Methods of working

We have more than 30 years of teaching experience and have tried and used almost all teaching methods. In practice we use what works. For most students this is relatively the same methods for one to one which means LOTS of questions from both sides. The best thing for students from a tutor is that they can ask about anything they don't understand. Perversely the worst thing for students about a tutor is that there is nowhere to hide and they can't pretend they know something they don't.

We plan work very carefully, following (usually) what is done in class, ensuring that it is all understood and memorised. We use lots of questions to ascertain what is understood, we don't take the student's word for it. When something isnt understood we re-explain in a range of ways: talking, scribbing notes, watching videos, making summaries etc. 

We find out very quickly each student's strength's and weaknesses and also their preferred learning styles.

We are strong advocates of proper planning and preparation and developing study skills where necessary. We also work using Steve Peter's methods on improving focus and reducing prevarication and displacement activities.

We do what works for each student and will work with parents and schools to get the best method for each.

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