Exam results

We would like to take this opportunity to congratuate all the GTS students who succeeded in their public examinations in summer. As always what really counted was the hard work and perseverence put in by the young people themselves for that 2 month period of intensive work.

Whilst we like to take some of the credit (and blame) for the results the examination outcome is totally dependent on the revision, preparation and dedication that the students put in. Success and failure in public examinations is crucial to their future careers but no amount of preparation substitute for the actual stress and strain of real exams with real outcomes. Well done.

The big new factor in the examinations this year was the removal of the practical skills coursework and its replacement with "integrated questions" on class practicals (GCSE and A level). Ignoring the debate about whether you can test practical work in an exam the results this year - particularly in chemistry were much lower than in previous years (for all students not just ours). As this was the first year of the new approach no-one was really sure what the new format would be like and as a result it is probably fair to say that students were not properly prepared as there was nothing to show what was needed. 

Next year's students will have the benefit of at least seeing one whole new exam format paper to prepare with and we are sure that this typical "new exam" blip will reverse itself next year.

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