We are big fans of the use of mindmaps in learning. Elsewhere on the site you will find advice on how to make them (manually) and about the free program Xmind that lets you make your maps in a software form.

In this section we happily share our own mindmaps for your own use. By all means share these with your friends or students but please let them know where you got them. 

Also please let us know if you spot any errors or changes.



A very successful recruitment year for us and as a result we have only 4 of 5 places left. We could always squeeze in more but we believe in quality not quantity. We only provide 1:1 tutorials which are a bit more expensive but guarantee your child our complete undivided attention.

Parents of students in their first year of GCSE or considering A level sciences are advised to contact me soon to arrange tutorials beginning in September 2020  For parents thinking further ahead I am able to prebook places beyond this and KS3 places are usually available.


Please click here to leave an enquiry.



Most of our teaching resources are provided only to students in the course of our teaching but we make many of them available free for public use here on this website. We arent Khan Academy or Wikipedia but we do what we can. Most of the public resources we make available are links to exam materials, dates of exams and other similar resources. We cannot guarantee that the linked to materials are correct and we urge parents and students to rely only on the materials we or their schools give them for their own use.

The only limitation we make is that our materials are still copyright MK ICT Services Ltd and we release them for personal use only.  Please see our copyright section on the footer of our homepage for details.


Need special help?

Real life is complex. Things go wrong that need urgent fixing and yet schools have their own realities when your child is only one of 20 (or 30). 

Whatever the reason we have the time, expertise and experience that allows us to work with you to identify how to address your need and then develop a course of material that meets those needs.

  • The range of possibilities is endless:
  • catching up after moving school
  • dealing with a bad relationship with a teacher
  • working on a special interest/hobby
  • dealing with a long term illness

We have supported students in all these situations and the key components of home tutoring can help. We provide time, an environment the student finds comfortable (home) and expertise. We have decades of experience of dealing with all of the situations described (and many more). We would welcome the opportunity to talk to you about any aims you might have. We are flexible in number of sessions (from only a few sessions to 1 every day or even online support) and we can build whole new courses. 

We have particular experience and expertise in helping students in mainstream school with specific learning difficulties and in recent years have developed support for students with dyslexia and ADHD spectrum issues.


Need to aim high

Even the most academic schools have limits on how much time they can devote to an individual student. The reality of modern education is that all students matter and it is very important to a school's reputation that as many as possible get A-C grades. This can mean that very good students are supported less well than students who are achieving less than their potential.

Enrichment of most able students, or students aiming for very specific outcomes takes time, a lot of time and a lot of individual attention - things most schools cannot provide easily.

Some of our best work is with the most able students who want to aim for Oxbridge or a specific career but find the school is setting solo work that can seem quite boring and has little teacher involvement. We have the knowledge and expertise to support these students, complementing work at their school and giving time and understanding for the student. As we are also not part of the school environment we can develop a different more adult learning approach which would be difficult when the teacher is having to deal with a whole class and would be seen as having favourites.


Not all ticks

OK, so in the real world there are often things not going right in school.

Firstly, no one can doubt the importance of a good teacher, but good teachers leave or the good teachers get ill or good teachers may go on maternity leave.

Then you are left with the replacement teacher. For planned changes this should be no problem but often getting a great replacement takes time, but for your child there is only one first chance. Teaching is heavily concept based. Yes you can "learn" it from a textbook but to get good marks you need to understand it and understanding needs someone to explain when you don't. We guarantee that your child will understand every concept in their course. We have the time and the expertise to explain, re-explain and overcome misunderstandings caused by the lack of a teacher.

OK, so the teacher is good, but what if your child has been ill or changed schools and they are behind (or in front) of the rest of the class?

The one to one approach of a good tutor means that we can design a specific catch up course over an agreed period to get the student back to the same position as the rest of the class as quickly as possible. 

If the situation is the opposite and the student is coasting because the class is a long way behind them then we can design enrichment sessions that deepen the subject knowledge without intruding on the school's approach. Often schools WILL set extension work but this is often solo work without the interaction and explanation needed. We have time to give that one to one care and the knowledge to see how and where to deepen the knowledge without confusing what is coming next in class.

Finally, you may be told by the school that your child is not quite "A*" material (or is "C" material) and you are not happy with this.

Schools have to be realistic and generally they have to make quick decisions too about resources. In addition modern competition between schools means that it is bad for a school's reputation to put a student into an exam that they fail or do badly in. We have the necessary time to work out what exactly is stopping your child achieving well. Any good teacher in school could do the same, but they don't have time. Even extra classes in school are rarely one-one which is what is needed. Often we find that a poor student is either bored, missed some important idea, had an off day in an important exam or just didnt get it! We can redress this situation because we have time and the expertise to find out what is causing the problem. 

We cannot make someone into an Einstein, but achieving well in public examinations doesnt expect an Einstein just a hard working student who understands the material well.


Covid19 update

The effect of the virus on our children's education has been severe and will last much longer than the virus. Students who had to suffer the exam fiasco had no exams and unclear grades but those in lower years will in fact suffer more. These younger students have missed almost a half a school year and have not just missed being taught new material but have forgotten much of what they did cover in the first half of that year AND gotten out of the habit of studying.

Exam boards are reducing the number of topics for next year's exams (assuming no second spike) but that will not undo the problems faced by the young people.

The demand for our tutorial services boomed during the pandemic lockdown for a number of reasons. Some students and their parents were worried they were missing the constant demands and habits of learning, others were worried that the work set by schools was almost completely missing or just "set work" (ie extended homework). Another group wanted to take advantage of the lockdown to improve their abilities and skills.

As might be expected we moved to an online-only model using Zoom, Google Classroom, Khan's academy and Youtube. This move has been very successful and in most cases students say they prefer it to face to face (in their home which is where we normally delivered sessions). There are one or two areas that are better face to face but they can be sorted. 

So for this year at least (Sept-20 to June-21), we will be delivering all sessions on zoom. Initially as an experiment! Prices will be lowered to reflect the lack of travel costs and those new costs are reflected on the pricing page.

Demand is expected to be high, we already have 70% uptake but there is a bit more flexibility with online.  

Subjects and levels we will tutor are almost the same as previous years but there are some additions.


National curriculum KS3


General Certificate of Secondary Education (GCSE) - all boards, both tiers

  • Biology 9-1
  • Physics 9-1
  • Chemistry 9-1
  • Science (combined)
  • Mathematics 9-1 


GCE Advanced Level ( A level) - all boards

  • Biology
  • Chemistry
  • Physics
  • Mathematics

Do contact us as soon as you can to reserve places.



Study with us

Gravesend Tutorial Service only supports up to 12 students per year. 

As detailed elsewhere we only provide 1:1 tutorials as we believe this is how we can guarantee results. Teachers in schools work hard, know their subject and prepare well, but there is an obvious limit to the amount of time that they can give to each student's personal knowledge and understanding. Many methods and approaches exist to maximise what a teacher can achieve with a group of students but by definition they are all compromises. The purest form of teaching was invented over a thousand years ago and is the master/apprentice model, ie one teacher, one student. 


We only teach subjects we are good at. This means we teach Sciences - combined and separate (to A level).

How do we teach?

We concentrate on three types of understanding

  • understanding each student: their needs, their blockages, their interests
  • understanding the course: the exact course and examination to be sat by the student
  • ensuring understanding: the basis of all real learning is understanding what is being learnt

Our approach

When we commit to supporting a student we guarantee to work with the student, their parents and their school to maximise the achievement.

Before we commit to the student we arrange to meet the student and parents to talk through their aims, explain our approach and agree on a set of targets. This free session discusses the student's courses, their current achievement level in those courses and their desired final exam outcome. 

In addition to a rigorous approach to the subject content of the specific exam(s) being studied we also work with the student on study skill methods and how to produce a positive psychology. 

We will be delighted to meet any parent who want to talk through possible tutorials, but warn that our available sessions become limited very early in the academic year.


Our Pricing

Our pricing reflects our proven ability to deliver increased performance in examinations.

Prices are for sessions in your home. Session prices includes our preparation time (a minimum of 1 hour's preparation for each session plus additional time to provide online materials and responses through our online learning portal for registered students).

Our rates are different for GCSE and A level for two reasons: Firstly preparation per session at A level is requires more time and resources than for GCSE. Secondly, we provide 60 minute sessions for GCSE but 90 minute sessions for advanced level work.

pricing 2020

We prefer a commitment from our students/parents in the form of block bookings in multiples of 10 sessions, or even a whole year booking. These block bookings lets us commit time and resources to design and create learning materials to exactly match your needs. As an encouragement towards block bookings we provide a significant discount between single bookings and block bookings.


Payments for individual sessions are needed at the end of that session. Payments for blocks of sessions are required in advance. Payment can be cash, bank transfer, personal cheque (or by paypal if you have an account).

All documentation including syllabus specifications, schemes of work, practice exam papers and learning materials are provided free of charge as needed. Students need to supply their own punched A4 paper (lined or plain as wished) to write on.

No matter where you live, If we agree to provide tutorials to you there is no surcharge for transport to or from your home.


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