Sept. spaces

Vacancies for September 2018

Exam time again - As usual this is the time when current students take their external exams and then move on to other things. Also obviously this is the time of year when we look for new students to support.

This year we are losing 6 students and only gaining 2 so far and thus have 4 spaces left for new students.

At this time of year parents begin to receive predicted grades for next year's GCSE or A level from their child's school, which often makes them think that some tutorial help would be useful. In some schools the AS level is still used as a predictor for A level progress and results in this may trigger your enquiry.

Over recent years I have specialised in devising quick diagnosis of student difficulties and producing custom designed tutorial programmes. Already in October I only have space for 1 additional student at GCSE, and 1 at A level. Please contact me urgently if you need my help. I am always happy to have an email/phone/face to face conversation to discuss your needs.

Parents of students in their first year of GCSE or first year A level are advised to contact me soon to arrange tutorials beginning in December 2017 or January 2018.  For parents thinking further ahead I am able to prebook places for September 2018 for both GCSE and A level.


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